A better look at the ceiling. (Do you see the spiraling Xmas lights?) Cobwood Round House Ceiling by Indicamama, via Flickr


stone masonry round house

Building a Roundhouse with woodhenge and cobwood. video - so neat!

Cob window design idea http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_vT5dxCJHArk/TBBHDbb8auI/AAAAAAAAAFc/ATg6x6VQAwQ/s1600/cob2%2B167.jpg

Earthbag home.

Rafter brackets... maybe we could use these to build the hexagon pergola/arbor

Earthbag round house - I want to build one!

cordwood house with glass

http://earthbagplans.files.wordpress.com/2010/09/one-and-half-story-roundhouse.jpg the floor plan for the small rounds house.

straw bale round house

he built this while he was still in college you guys # architecture ...500 x 375 | 47.1 KB | www.tumblr.com

just an amazingly beautiful cordwood house with stone foundation.

cordwood house

Overhang is important

cordwood house

I wouldn't mind having a pond surrounding my dining area. That's just awesome.

round house with cob exterior green roof

Cob houses around the world. Love that they're everywhere!

round house with turret

round earth house