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Yoga expectation and reality

expectations vs reality

Beach: Expectations Vs Reality

When you laugh while getting your picture taken: expectation and reality

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Expectation ---> Reality Nailed it.

Light-up shoes help me run faster, Mom!

yergah! #funnyyoga

Expectation vs. reality :) HAHAHHAHA! this is so me and Kevin! I expect his braids to look like the left, but when he does my hair, it looks like the right!!



Funny Pictures Of The Day – 43 Pics

Me during zombie apocalypse: expectations vs. reality. Sounds about right :D

Highlighting expectation vs. reality

Expectations vs reality :-)

This is soooo me!!!

this is my life


pretty much how I feel every day

Motherhood: Expectations vs. Reality. Reality is less rainbows and more crayon on the walls. @NinjaMomBlog on @NickMom #humor