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Tactical Guardian Defense - RUGER RLS092P Lipstick Pepper Spray System (Pink), $12.99 (

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Choosing the Best Power Generator

We outline the pros and cons of two types of emergency electrical generators—the portable type and the larger standby type—and tell you how to decide between them.

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Home Emergency Toolkit

Because "Winter is coming" even if you are not a Stark Real estate, home for sale, house for sale, homes for sale, home improvement tips, home upgrades, North shore, neighborhoods, places to live, best place to live in Massachusetts

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Tips for Using Emergency Generators

You Can Buy a Quiet Generator, But It'll Cost More - 16 Tips for Using Emergency Generators:

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Generator Maintenance Tips

Follow this expert advice on how to buy, operate and maintain a gas powered electrical generator so that it's safe and ready to go when the power goes out.

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21 DIY Emergency Preparedness Hacks

AAA Battery Substitutes: If you're out of AA batteries then you can use AAA batteries as substitutes just by packing the gap on the positive side of the battery with a wad of tin foil (same voltage for both type of batteries - just different sizes)...

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Get Rid of Those Bothersome Mice – Without Paying a Professional

Pin now use later! Brilliant tips on how to Get Rid of Mice – Without Paying a Professional

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Tips for Using Emergency Generators

Ten tips to help you chose the right backup generator for your home.

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How to Sharpen Tools

Sharpen tools