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CONTOURING- and highlight based on face shape

Kim K's magic secret to having a beautiful angular face. It's all in the contouring under foundation. *HINT* The best way to hide bags under the eyes is to draw a triangle from the far corner of your eye to the tip of your nostril, and back up to your tear duct! It almost completely hides age lines, bags and under eye discoloration, works much better than the half moon concealer under your eyes.

How to choose the right foundation. Ladies please read this.

10 Mind Blowing Examples Of Makeup Contouring Transformations No PhotoShop Needed | Fitabled | Page 9

How to HAC (highlight and contour) your face...she even tells which brands of makeup she really trusts when it comes to hac-ing


DIY: Change the shape of your eyes.

10 Secrets I Learned at Makeup Artist School