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Vanessa Bell 'Maud' 1913+ ( Exhibition Megan Nash Museum, Duke University 2009)

Vanessa Bell for Omega Workshops, Lady Hamilton Rug.

Design for rug from Omega Workshops (1913-1919). Probably by Duncan Grant or Vanessa Bell

Nina Hamnett (1890–1956), 1917 by Roger Fry

'Cracow' textile design produced by Omega Workshops in 1913.

'Queen Mary' design for an Omega workshop fabric, by Duncan James Corrowr Grant

Rug Design - Conf 954 Omega Workshop Produced from an original design attributed to Duncan Grant made in a limited edition of 15. The rug was produced using original artwork, held at the Courtauld Gallery’s Collection in London. Christopher Farr

* Omega Workshops 1913 Omega Workshops was an outpost of Bloomsbury where the likes of Duncan Grant, Vanessa Bell and Nina Hamnett produced loose geometric patterns in bold colours. #omegaworkshop #bloomsbury #handmade

A new line of wool and mohair rugs based on a selection of sketches done by Roger Fry, Vanessa Bell, Duncan Grant and other key members of the Omega Workshops and Bloomsbury collective from 1912-1919, produced by Christopher Farr.

Design illustration by Rene Beauclair, produced in 1900.