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Vanessa Bell Omega Workshops designs

¤ fabric pattern 'Maud' 1913 by Vanessa Bell for Omega Workshops. Printed linen.

Design for rug from Omega Workshops (1913-1919). Probably by Duncan Grant or Vanessa Bell

¤ Roger Fry (1866-1934) - Portrait of Nina Hamnett, 1918. Dress fabric and pillow cover designed by Vanessa Bell for Omega Workshops.

Portrait of Nina Hamnett * 1918. Roger Fry (1866-1934) Dress fabric and pillow cover designed by Vanessa Bell for Omega Workshops.

¤ 'Cracow' textile design produced by Omega Workshops in 1913. Bloomsbury

¤ 'Queen Mary' design for an Omega workshop fabric, by Duncan James Corrowr Grant

¤ Virginia Woolf, Mr. Bennett and Mrs. Brown (1924) Cover design by Vanessa Bell

christopher farr rugs based on designs by vanessa bell { one of my favorites! }

¤ artist..Vanessa Bell designs

* Omega Workshops 1913 Omega Workshops, as the enterprise was named, was an outpost of Bloomsbury in the heart of London’s Fitzrovia, where the likes of Duncan Grant, Vanessa Bell and Nina Hamnett produced loose geometric patterns in bold colours, although it is often difficult to attribute individual contributions

Design illustration by Rene Beauclair, produced in 1900.

Design by Rene Beauclair,1900

Charles Rennie MacKintosh textile design. Tulip and Lattice, textile design, 1920.

"Spring" Vanessa Bell

William Morris, drawing for Poppy design wallpaper.

Pattern design by Elissa Rocabado.

Carpet design by C F A Voysey, produced in 1899

Owen Jones 'Pompeian ornament' 1856 by Design Decoration Craft

duncan grant - textile design, c.1910

Marimekko Design by Erja Hirvi named Kumina