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Home Renovation on a Budget

Wallpaper has become a project that's easy to tackle, even for a beginning DIYer -- which makes it a great project for a home renovation on a budget. Look for temporary options so you can add pattern or color and take it off if you change your decor style./

Crazy, Unique Paint Colors that Just Work

A bold color on the walls can instantly change the feeling and tone of a space. Just try imagining this room if it had white walls. Instead, the rich red color succeeds in balancing the airy blue and white accents, plus it bridges the gap between a series of different wood tones. The Color: Red Bay, SW6321 -- Sherwin-Williams/

Nothing adds dimension and pattern like wallpaper, but even one roll can be pricey. To cut costs, focus your project to the backs of bookshelves, and use high-quality gift wrap instead of wallpaper. The paper can be applied just like wallpaper, using wallpaper paste. (If you're noncommittal, double-stick tape or 3M hanging strips also work wonderfully.) At about $8 per roll, you won't feel guilty about the little spruce-up. -- Jenny Komenda, blogger,

Space-Saver: Get creative with your artwork. Pieces of architectural salvage add instant character to rooms, but they can be difficult to frame. Here, a painted border cleverly showcases two old ceiling tiles, turning a small corner into an attractive focal point./

22 Mini-but-Mighty Remodels

Don't have the cash saved for a full-scale remodel? Pick one of these small, budget-smart projects for a mini-but-mighty remodel.

Improve Your Home: 30 Weekend Projects

To quickly and easily rehabilitate your existing fireplace, a gas or wood-burning insert adds energy efficiency to your home without tearing apart your hearth and mantel./

Easiest Ways to Add Color to Your Rooms

If your neutral bedding is looking a little blah, add in a few colorful shams, pillows, and a throw draped over the end of the bed. A good foundation of neutral bedding means almost anything goes. Coordinate the items you are introducing and your new look is good to go./

Colorful Kitchen Islands

Citrus-inspired hues are bold, sassy, and full of energy. If you love blazing orange but can't commit your entire kitchen, try it as an accent. Black countertops add the perfect amount of sophistication in this kitchen./

Casual Dining Rooms

Circular designs and curved columns give off an elegant air, but earthy tones and rattan furniture keep the tone casual and classy. Dark brown chairs contrast the white paneled ceiling and the floor-to-ceiling windows with white circular accents. Green cushions add a sense of comfort and give a homey feel. The chandelier keeps with the elegant look, but is contrasted by the casual, outdoorsy stain of the wood floor./

20 Remodeling Ideas You'll Wish You'd Thought of First

There's always time to get inspired by creative remodeling projects. These clever space transformations combine family-friendly practicality with good looks for homes that work hard and charm well.