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I have this problem even without riding, I just have huge thighs haha

I could be a millionaire! I really don't understand paying that much money for ripped and stained/bleached jeans! All my friends buy like forty dollar ripped jeans!

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Love all the dancing pins Leslie. This Month Keep Dancing. "Dancing along in the madness, there is no sadness, only the song of my soul." Song of the Soul Cris Williamson

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I just aged myself, but hey--

Respect old people: they graduated from high school and colleges without the internet/computers in general!

♡ a crackling fire♡ a warm blanket♡ a good book

the sound of a crackling fire going in the fireplace, a nice warm blanket and a good book. sounds like a few of my favourite things

So live your life to the fullest and Right next to that old picture will be a old story of how you lived your life! ♥make it one that people want to read over and over again!!♥

"Eventually we will all be be old faces on photographs" >> Writing inspiration / ideas / triggers / prompts / quotes