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Steve Kaplan, a co-founder of Oaktree Capital Management, is the latest PE pro looking to enter the world of European football, leading a bid to acquire Premier League club Swansea City.

How much do you regret your mistakes? Does it help? Is there a better way to deal with them?  The Pozitivistas believe there's a much better way! Check out our article on SuccessConsciousness  http://www.successconsciousness.com/…/what-to-do-with-mist…/

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Guía completa para preparar un viaje a Nueva York en 9 días. Que ver en Nueva York y Niágara con los mejores recorridos sin perderte nada.

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I have a lot of complicated feelings about the horror genre, which can be more or less boiled down to this: I like reading creepy stories. When the sun is shining and I& surrounded by other human beings, I can get behind a

Bad Habits - Wondrous

Good instrumental ambient music track "Flying Free" by Jingle Punks. It's good ambient music to listen to. We hope you enjoy listening to this dark mood inst.

Tesla Model 3  schon bestellt?

The first Model 3 just rolled off the production line last week. Tesla will begin shipping the car to the first pre-order customers over the next several months. Deliveries for new orders are scheduled to ship in

How to Navigate Our Busyness, and Why Health and Fitness Should Play a Role in that. Man does this set you up for success.

Now, there’s a proposal to keep pedestrians safe that could set off a national trend. Crossing busy Broad Street in downtown Stamford can be a challenge,

A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life

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Europa da się lubić: eurowizyjne guilty pleasure  Paranafilm.pl

Julia Samoilova Has Been Barred by Ukraine From Eurovision Competition - The Public Slate

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Visiting Warsaw this May, I got an unexpectedly delicious view of Poland’s Communist history through lunch at milk bars.

A Complete Comparison of Gyms in Richmond

A Complete Comparison of Gyms in Richmond

Treadmill incline workouts are a great way to switch up your old routine at the gym! Walking or jogging on a treadmill incline causes l.

Facing Tough Decisions

Facing Tough Decisions

Having a chronic illness means facing tough decisions. If you want to live as well as possible it means changing your life in ways you didn't anticipate.

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Discourse or Disaster? Social Media’s Impact on Debate and Civility ⋆ Epeak World News

Getting to the Wedding, or We Don't Have Time For This

Getting to the Wedding, or We Don't Have Time For This

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