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I need a big one of these!

Halloween #printable

fabulous Christmas quote by James E. Faust about how the way of Santa Claus is the way of Jesus. … that what is real is the Spirit of Christmas … of Christ, that is embodied in the figure of Santa. All that is good, cheerful, kind, and selfless is definitely something I BELIEVE in.

Printables for Christmas!

My idea of Christmas ... | Heartwarming Celebrity Christmas Quotes | The Stir

OMGOH!!! repin this!! the link has links to awesome 4th of July printables, but those links also have awesome links to other awesome stuff!!!! :D


Christmas Printables!!


Luke 2:11


It's only August and I'm feeling this breeze that's coming from the rain we've had recently. It reminds me of fall! My feelings go into a seasonal mode with a specific feeling to fall and Christmas. I'm listening to Christmas music while doing my homework... I can't wait for Christmas! I wish my grandmother was here to share this feeling with me... Her spirit is here though(:

Christmas (printables)

Free Christmas Planner and Printables


This is a royal blue version of the Keep Calm and Carry On poster designed by the British Ministry of Information during WWII. This poster is faithful to the original in typography, proportion and spacing, but we have modified the color to be suitable for more decors.

See them laughing, people passing, meeting smile after smile...