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i really like the design of this one, it is feminine and artsy. The design is simple but I really like the blocks through the photograph, it adds a lot. The font goes well with the tone of the image.

Love this magazine layout, with positive & negative space. The angles of the shapes really add a nice touch to the design. I like it because its so simple yet so effective. It looks effortless but really well constructed.

Geiger Magazine by Mads Thorsoe


Majestic Disorder Magazine #Cover #magazine #design #photography #style #graphic #design

I'm The Most Boring Twenty Year Old You'll Ever Meet / #Typography #Design

this layout has everything i love. the letter cutout, layered photos, black and white, simple colors--it's all really minimalistic yet it's such a nice and dynamic layout.

concert poster design

Editorial Layout

Print - Sauce Festival by Lia Martini, via Behance #layout #publication #design #brochure

Table of Contents / design layout typography

Magazine layout

Graphic-ExchanGE - a selection of graphic projects

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SHIFT PUBLICATION I love overlapping visual elements with the image without destroying it. It adds so much interest. I also think the big section/page number is pretty cool.