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I Promise

  • Jen Meehan

    Be strong when you can Misty. For me, the hardest thing was admitting to myself depression is more than a state of mind. It's a physical and biologically documented mental health (hate that term) issue. So when you can be strong no longer and you can't think your way out of a hopeless state of mind - accept that you've possibly changed your brain chemistry with a persistent state of mind. And talk to your doctor, take any meds and see any therapist regularly that they ask you to. For you.

  • Sarah Nichols

    SO TRUE! I remember having this same conversation with a girlfriend in high school who was suffering from depression. So glad she chose to listen to loved ones, instead of that lying bastard, depression.

  • Beatrice Brown-green

    Just keep telling myself that. Drug dependent young folks that are depressed should remember this all-the-time...b

  • Otilia Stocks

    Depression is a lying bastard - life will be brighter again #depression #quotes

  • Sarah Herbener

    A very helpful tip -- from Jenny Lawson at The Bloggess.

  • Kristen Holt Niles

    Depression is a lying bastard! TRUTH. There is always hope and light can always break through.

  • Johanna Herrmann

    True words from @Jennifer Lawson

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