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I am giving away ALL my sources to getting free samples without surveys:

Literally everything on this website is free! More than 200+ different freebies to choose from. From household items to doggie treats.

Real Online Surveysfrom Real Online Surveys

How To Make Money Testing Free Products from Home

Did you know you could make money testing free products from home? Believe or not, there are many ways to test out free products and get paid for it. For example, some companies will send you several full size products, as well as sample products to test

The key to free samples:

12 weeks of free samples in our mailbox. They come; so sign up!

I Don't Have Time For That !from I Don't Have Time For That !

How To Trade Your Opinion For Free Amazon Products

Did you know that you can receive FREE or deeply discounted items just by agreeing to leave a fair un-biased review on Amazon? Its like paying with your opinion and yes it is that easy! Companies need valuable reviews for their products to boost their rankings and sales on Amazon. In turn, you the reviewer get to sample awesome products for free!

I would dfeinitely do this again, because I can't believe how easy it was to get so much stuff in the mail just by going to Lifescript. THey always ahve the best free samples too debt strategies, pay off debt, how to pay off debt #debt

Each month, Vegan Cuts sends 4–7 full and sample-sized products from vegan and cruelty-free brands. Price: $19.95/month

Eat, Drink, and Save Moneyfrom Eat, Drink, and Save Money

How to get free stuff in exchange for reviews

How to get free stuff in exchange for reviews + a list of brands that bloggers can work with for ambassador programs and free products.