Musical Staircase Subway station of Piazza Duomo in Milan ~ Lombardy, Italy

Musical Staircase - Milan, Italy... sweet

I'm only pinning this one, because it has a Grand Piano in it. It definitely makes the room more beautiful and elegant.

Piano staircase in boston -

Piano Staircase in Shengdu, Beijing

Fun staircase!

Nice stairs!

piano stairs in a Stockholm subway... Don't you want to run up these?

Piano Violin House, Huainan, China

To encourage people to take the stairs instead of the escalator, regular stairs at the Odenplan subway station in Stockholm were turned into piano keys. Not surprisingly, after the piano stairs were installed, 66% more people than usual chose the stairs over the escalator. [The Fun Theory]

To wake up every morning to the sound of someone playing the piano ringing throughout the house...ok so i might be the one playing

Piano stairs, going here some day

No Piano- Computer instead!

unsure where this is, but i must go one day! seams to be in Valparaiso - chile

Things That Inspire: The View from the Front Door

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Piano Stairs, Amsterdam

Portland Oregon's White House is just as elegant as you would expect from its name: There's a sweeping staircase, parlor with grand piano, European chandeliers, oil paintings, and gold ceilings. There are five guest rooms in the main house, and three in the carriage house.

these stairs are the coolest stairs EVER!

Grand piano, grand staircase