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Just Rottweiler Puppies Wall Calendar: What’s black and brown and cute all over? Rottweiler puppies, of course! Twelve cheerful, full-color photographs typify all the roly-poly sweetness of these little guys and gals. $13.99

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Adorable Drawings of Dog Breeds, Grouped By Their Place of Origin

Dog breeds from around the world

Just Chocolate Lab Puppies Wall Calendar: Precious little Chocolate Lab puppies with their big eyes, huge hearts and chubby paws take center stage. These twelve adorable full-color photographs will keep you smiling all year long. $13.99

Puppies & Friends Wall Calendar: The Puppies & Friends Calendar is different: unlike other dog calendars, it features puppies paired in interesting combinations with adorable baby animals and unusual critters—kittens and cats, bunnies, guinea pigs, even a duck! $13.99

Cute Puppies Wall Calendar: Each month, your heart will melt over the cute puppies featured in this 2013 wall calendar. Perfect for anyone who can't get enough of these playful pups!

Boston Terrier Puppies Wall Calendar: The wide-eyed Boston Terrier Puppies in this wall calendar will grow up to be affectionate, boisterous dogs. Boston Terriers may be small, but they're packed with personality.

Lab Puppies Wall Calendar: There are no words to express how adorable these puppies are. With their warm, pink bellies, soft fur, and beautiful faces, they can bring out the sun on the foggiest day. $14.99

Yellow Lab Puppies Mini Wall Calendar: It is no wonder that Yellow Labrador Retrievers are such popular pets. Lab puppies make your heart feel a bit more than a twinge of puppy love — it never fails.