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There are mistakes that budding filmmakers will commit that might not be mentioned in the syllabus. Avoid these mistakes by being on the lookout for them.

10 Tips on How to Shoot with Natural Light: 1) Choose the Right Camera 2) Pick the Best Lenses for the Job 3) Use Reflectors and Flags 4) Make the Sun Your Backlight 5) Shoot during Blue Hour and Magic Hour 6) Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse 7) Choose the Right Locations 8) Have a Strong Art Department 9) Use Practicals 10) Preparation is Key

A teaser for my short film "Brother Sister", which is the precursor to my upcoming feature. Shot on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, edited on FCP X and graded…

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NYFA takes a look at the job opportunities available to those who study cinematography while in film school.

The 180 Degree Rule: Doing it Right, Doing it Wrong & Doing it With Thre...

This week, Russell explains the 180 Degree Rule of filmmaking by showing how to do it, how not to do it, and what to do if you have three actors to go betwee.

'Learn the Secrets of Film Editing in Seven Minutes'

CineFix takes seven minutes to share the secrets and history of film editing, from the days of slicing film strips to today's fully digital process.

Woody Allen's Cinematographer Has 6 Life-Saving Tips for Low-Budget DPs|Filmmakers,Film Industry, Film Festivals, Awards & Movie Reviews | I...

Woody Allen's Cinematographer Has 6 Life-Saving Tips for Low-Budget DPs