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Chemtrails are not a conspiracy theory... They are REAL. Look up, pay attention to the "clouds" know what looks like clouds...remember them when you were a kid? Most of what we see now are NOT what we saw as kids.

Agenda 21, New world order, Gmo's, Fema camps, N.D.A.A, Chemtrails and H.A.A.R.P, Fluoridated water, Monsanto Protection act, Bilderburg group, please Research for yourself!!! And Tell others what you learn!!!

Fast and Furious star Vin Diesel has gone public on Chemtrails, lending support to the theory that the U.S. government are spraying poisonous chemicals into the atmosphere in order to slowly poison and dumb down members of the public. Chemtrails are long-lasting trails left in the sky by aircraft that routinely spray highly toxic chemicals such as aluminium into the atmosphere. reports: While the conspiracy theory may be somewhat hard to swallow, convincing arguments do…

With all the information coming out in recent years about geoengineering, or chemtrails, we must begin to ask ourselves certain questions about the impacts on our health, our food, and our planet.

It's sad because this looks like crazy sci-fi fakeness but when you read into all of these there is more truth them fiction. It's really sad this is happening to our country yet when we get home we turn the tv, plug in and zone out. What will we live for our children? Geoengineering - David Icke Website