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This lab is a fun way to teach or review the scientific method. Students compete to make the highest bouncing bouncy ball while staying under budge...

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Bouncy Ball Scientific Method Lab | Teaching Real Science This lab is a fun way to teach or review the scientific method. Students compete to make the highest bouncing bouncy ball while staying under budget and finishing in time.

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Marshmallow Flight Lab . . . fun and excellent use of scientific method . . . engineering?

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Your middle school students will LOVE this scientific method activity! In groups they work with something seemingly unrelated to the scientific method--selfies!

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Scientific Method PowerPoint with Notes for Teacher and Student

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Natural Selection in Goldfish - Scientific Method lab

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This is a really fun and easy to do lab that is a great way to start off the year or to review the fundamentals of the scientific method. Students...

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Conductor or Insulator? Science Lab Activity

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... a fun and interactive science lab for upper elementary students. Students will use the steps of the scientific method to see if the materials are insulators or conductors of electricity.

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Science Skills Lab: Student Designed Lab in Applying Scientific Method. I am trying to make my labs more inquiry driven. This is no easy task!! Due to overloaded classes, time constraints and nonexistent budgets, few science teachers can take a class to the lab and turn them lose to be scientists. Everyone can do this lab!

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Scientific Method lab

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Scientific Method & Graphing Interactive Notes and Lab Activity

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Scientific Method and Graphing Interactive notes and self-guided laboratory investigation. The middle school Science kids love to come up with their own way to test their hypothesis. two day activity!

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STEM Mom: Airplane Lab to Teach Scientific Method

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Science Stuff: Science Skills: Applying the Scientific Method

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53 24

24 classroom job labels to help teach your students leadership and responsibility in the classroom.

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This great activity has students using an online ecological footprint generator to help them analyze how their lifestyle choices have an implact on their ecological footprint. In this activity they analyze their own footprint, the footprint of the most sustainable human and the footprint of the least sustainable human. This activity leads to a really rich discussion of ecological issues. Since this is a computer lab activity, it also makes for a great sub plan.

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Transpiration in Plants - A Biology Lab

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Transpiration in Plants - A Biology Lab. $

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Genetics Complete Unit Plan Bundle of Products - I wish we had this way to market stuff when I was teaching. I should still get some of my units together!

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I love to create activities that students can enjoy while learning. Activities that biology teachers love!

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FREE Current Events Worksheet for Any Article

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Cellular Respiration - Using Cabbage Juice to Observe CO2 Production

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Lab: Using Cabbage Juice to Observe CO2 Production in Cell Respiration

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Bazinga - an awesome review game for most any subject and any grade.

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Students show what they know about cells by completing a job application in the point of view of an organelle applying to work in a cell at the company Cells-R-Us.