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12 New Men's Hairstyles & Haircuts For 2017

12 New Men's Hairstyles & Haircuts For 2017 — Best Fashion & Style Blog For Women, Women's fashion blog

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Sticking to ‘em–My 2012 Resolutions

Seems like a worthy goal, but I've got some traveling to do to make this one happen.

Actually had a idea for something like this, but the protagonist was the 6 year old, and was freed after 10 years. Then she was recruited by a agency to find the people that murdered her parents and framed her.

yuumei-art: I’ve been looking over a lot of the nature photography I took in the past year, and the beautiful world makes me want to just go out and capture the sky. The tripod I ordered hasn’t arrived yet, so in the mean time I’ll be painting the vision in my mind. You can see some of the photos I took on my personal fb page. Ive been uploading new photos almost everyday :)

Happy New Year!!