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"Zero Limits" (Joe Vitale,Ihaleakala Hew Len.). It has excited me. In this book, there are four phrases which are able to change your life.

When I first heard this it was a song and my heart burst open with sadness and grief. It was one of the most healing moments in my journey of self love and self forgiveness.

Ho oponopono La divinidad es quién limpia en ti. Es una petición al Divino creador quién sabe lo que es correcto y perfecto para ti. Tú nunca lo sabes, tú solo conoces tus programas.

✨Ho'oponopono✨ the complete mantra is --I'm sorry (taking 100% responsibility for everything that shows up in your experience) --Please Forgive Me (making your Peace with God for being out of alignment with our divinity) --Thank You (gratitude for Divine intervention) --I Love You (aligning with the divine through Love)

Ho'oponopono (to make right) a Hawaiian form of energy work to release negativity from your life.

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About Ho'oponopono Meditation Practice Love yourself, improve yourself, improve your world. About taking 100% resposibility for our world.