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The AQUS Toilet System

The aqus toilet system takes grey water from the sink and funnels it to the toilet tank, saving water.

9 Genius Improvements To Everyday Products

19 Genius Improvements To Everyday Products

Ttiny House bathroom - Small space solutions Water saving Sink & Toilet-combo by Caroma Large

Hübsch anzusehen. Das Auge pullert mit.

Roca’s innovative, ultra-modern toilet and sink combination, called W+W (for washbasin + watercloset).This unique, space-saving bathroom fixture is not only sleek and elegant, but also environmentally friendly.

W+W Sink/Toilet Combo is an All-in-One Grey water Recycling System

Wash Basin Water Closet: Saving Water And Space. Seriously considering this for bathroom remodel.

10 Awesome Gadgets To Reuse Water (awesome gadgets, unique gadgets) - ODDEE

10 Awesome Gadgets To Reuse Water - awesome gadgets, unique gadgets

This would work really well for my tiny home!

My Rups folding shower concept could do wonder for limited bathroom space. It’s a folding shower fabricated in impermeable fabric where you can retract or

Water efficient tub

Tilting Tub: Three different tilts: foot bath, half bath, and full bath to help conserve water. I want this for the foot bath!

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Reciclar el agua del inodoro, ¿cómo lo pasamos por alto?

If I have to use a regular water-based toilet instead of a composting toilet I can use a toilet tank lid sink. When you flush the 'new' water goes through the faucet first, allowing you to wash your hands as it refills the toilet bowl.