honey can we live here? part 3

Art studios built with shipping containers

Poteet-Architects, San Antonio: Shipping container guesthouse with roof garden.

Like the container, fireplace, and wood exterior (takes away some of the industrialishness away.


Shipping Container Guest Houses by Poteet Architects - natural vegetation on top regualtes temperature inside

justthedesign: House Shot By Dianna Snape. **Not a Container** concept could be use from a container.

Kenjo: Cabin-Like Prefab Guest House or Studio. Swedish company Kenjo designs small, cabin-like prefab rooms that can serve as guest houses, offices, studios or any other type of space that you like. Each cabin is built with glass sliding doors providing the openness that smaller module type structures are generally lacking.

This quick deploy bridge was designed to fit perfectly with any of our Shipping Containers. Walls provide cover along the way so you can build that container ci

Shipping container home #cottage #cabin #myt

Shipping Container Homes!

made of shipping containers

Shipping container bar

Shipping container home

shipping container housing

Ecopods Shipping Container Buildings

shipping container: shipping container studio (w/ basement) via Something to See

cabin in a minimal approach