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Chocolate-Beet Layer Cake

Check the ingredient list of this delightful, not-too-sweet cake: You'll find the surprising elements of coriander and caraway seeds. The caraway is a perfect contrast to the lemon, while the coriander adds a floral, lemony flavor of its own.

Better Than Sex Cake

Better than Sex Cake - with a name like this how can you go wrong? Chocolate cake, soaked with sweetened condensed milk, caramel topping, cool whip and pecans.

Make Turkish Coffee Cake

Chocolate Turkish Coffee Cake

Rich Beetroot Chocolate Cake

Easy Overnight Cinnamon Rolls for Two

Easy Overnight Cinnamon Rolls for Two - A rich and indulgent breakfast with outrageously amazing cream cheese frosting. Make the rolls the night before, throw them in the oven in the morning, and enjoy your breakfast in bed. No fuss, stress, or mixer needed! From

Nigella Lawson's Dense Chocolate Loaf Cake

If you were wondering whether you should eat that snack on your desk, the answer is yes. Always. Because snacks are our mid-day champions, our loyal friends who inspire us to press on despite those long hours ahead. And when you bring them to the office?