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  • Coventry Jones

    Mosquito Bay in Vieques, Puerto Rico, is generally considered to be the largest and brightest bioluminescent bay in the world. Luminescence occurs when micro-organisms, called dinoflagellates, are disturbed in water leaving a trail of neon blue.

  • Nick Elder

    Ahhh Nikki we know this place :) Bioluminescent Bay in Puerto Rico is the kind of phenomenon that could freak out any first-time visitor: When they swim in the bay, a trail of blue light follows swimmers wherever they go. It's not magic, but the abundance of single-cell organisms (as many as 720,000 per gallon of water) that give off this glowing color when they're agitated.

  • Sparrow

    BIOLUMINESCENCE BAY (Isla Vaadhoo, Maldivas)~ The Sea Bioluminescence is the production and emission of light by a living organism, in this case by a micro organism called Noctiluca, that produce the beautiful blue glow. Fireflies, angler fish, and other creatures also produce the chemicals luciferin (a pigment) and luciferase (an enzyme) that reacts with oxygen to create the light. It happens mostly in Puerto Rico, but does appear in scattered other regions, as with this image, in Maldivas.

  • The World Awaits

    Bioluminescent Bay // El Vieques, Puerto Rico #bioluminescent #PuertoRico

  • Brianna Tellschow

    Bucket List: Bioluminescent Bay, Puerto Rico Known as Bio Bay, this swim spot is perhaps the brightest and largest of its kind. In the dark, any movement in the water leaves behind a neon blue trail.

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Bioluminescent Bay in Puerto Rico…I loved this place, it was so cool and yes the water does glow when you touch it.

Bioluminescence in Vieques, Puerto Rico

  • Megan Tibbitts

    Same thing happens in Luminous Lagoon in Jamaica. It was amazing! Definitely worthy of a space on the bucket list

  • Mayra Sylvestri

    Make sure you go on a moonless night. You see it much better. It is quite amazing!

  • Brie Carter

    Vieques is one of my favorite places! And swimming in the bay was definitely a highlight!

  • Michelle Grosse

    Been there! Amazing!

  • Kim Snyder

    We will be there end of March for our Anniversary!

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Bioluminescent Bay

Bioluminescent bay Puerto Rico

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. Antique shops, delightful caribbean paintings, colorful downtown. If you dare (windy mountain road, Puerto Rican drivers behind you :), drive to the Areceibo radiotelescope -- it's amazing!

The Colors of Viejo San Juan ~ Puerto Rico by purvins, via Flickr

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. Best vacation ever. It's absolutely gorgeous there!

☀Puerto Rico☀San Juan Antiguo, San Juan, Puerto Rico/ I remember walking through here with nashy and my husband family thinking we would get to the Morro. It turned out it the gate was locked and we had to turned back!! :0( Scandelous...