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The demand for teacher training increases when education turns digital

The demand for teacher training increases when education turns digital

10 Cheap ways to promote your art jewelry business

10 Cheap ways to promote your art jewelry business

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Latest News: Teaching Math within a Classroom on the other side of the world

A woman we’ll call “Victim One” (whose name I can’t use because of health privacy rules) went to a free stroke prevention screening given by a mobile medical clinic. She ended up on the hook for an extra exam fee when she later went to her own doctor. - http://elliott.org/blog/free-health-screening-wasnt-free-now-owes-medical-bill/

Kristin O'Brien and her family booked nonrefundable tickets from New York to Lisbon on TAP Air Portugal. Now, she can't make the trip for medical reasons.

Latest News: AI teacher for homework is being launched

eLearningworld News from Sweden The Swedish startup company eEducation Albert is now launching an artificial intelligence application with focus on helping pupils with their homework in math during…

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Latest News: Department of Education launches beta-version of Apprenticeship Service

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Dator i undervisningen: En kritisk analys Del 2

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eLearningworld News from Sweden New research from Örebro University in Sweden shows that by integrating ICT as a part of the pedagogy you can personalise learning and thereby make education more eq…

eLearningworld Story about: Digital Reading Comprehension - from Pisa to Carr

In the 2009 PISA-survey of student knowledge in various subjects digital reading comprehension was included for the first time.

Internet of Things förändrar Tillverkningsprocessen, är utbildning näst i tur?

Internet of Things transforming Manufacturing, education next?

Latest News: Artificial Intelligence transforms the Educational Market

eLearningworld News from the World Artificial intelligence for education is a fast growing market the coming years a new report from Technavio shows.

Latest News: Teachers must have computer skills stated in planned five-year digital strategy

eLearningworld News from Ireland The Irish Government’s digital strategy for schools for the next five years includes a demand for good digital skills among teachers. From this prerequisite ICT sho…

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Latest News: OECD EduTrend Report New set of skills required for future labour market

Latest News: Building bridges between Young Entrepreneurs with Knowledge Worldwide

eLearningworld News from the World Developing countries still have average levels of education in the Century that were achieved in many western countries by the early decades of the Cent…