Love this skit! Catherine Tate as Lauren Cooper & David Tennant as the substitute teacher.

Catherine Tate show for Comic Relief. Love how Catherine and David got a little dig at parochial people in this sketch.

Human beings worship the great god Santa, a creature with fearsome claws and a wife Mary. A Doctor Who Christmas.

Christmas Special ~ Loved this part! Doctor Who<<<< David's face!

Their girlfriends!!! Yep as River took the position of wife to 11.

"What would you steal from the Eleventh Doctor?" David: "I love his TARDIS, it's a wonderful piece of work." "What would you steal from the Tenth Doctor: "Rose, 'cause I love Billie, she's a good friend." "So they want to steal each other's girlfriends?


Oh no, I left the cookies out!

Art Doctor+Who+Funny doctor-who-obsessed Not if i eat them first. So let us look at this picture and pretend that Rose is still with Ten in the Tardis and they're baking cookies.<<<YES PLEASE

Rose Tyler and the Tenth Doctor.

Aren’t you a beautiful boy…

Funny pictures about Aren't you a beautiful boy. Oh, and cool pics about Aren't you a beautiful boy. Also, Aren't you a beautiful boy.

I look love this so much! It made me cry! It captures everything I love about Doctor Who!

There will never come a time when we won't need a hero like the Doctor. He is my super hero and my role model. People may think im crazy bc its 'just a tv show' but its not. Some of the thing he says are so inspirational