Teaching plyometrics on a reformer jump board. Want to lose weight and tone fast? Jump Board your way to fitness.

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Punch-outs for Shapely Arms - Tighten and Tone Your Triceps

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Our Y-Loops are an alternative for Reformer & Trapeze Table work, for anyone who has trouble keeping their feet in conventional loops. Re-designed with new angles and smaller loops for a more snug fit, plus sewn-on Velcro® loop to hold the foot securely. Total length of entire loop remains the same. Soft fleece fabric.

30 Minute Dumbbell Leg Workout via Tone and Tighten #strong #fitness

Ulttra-Fit Circle from Balanced Body. The circle of amazing!

Rotator Discs for foot work by Balanced Body


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Pilates for Weight Loss: How Pilates Can Help You Lose Weight | Gaiam Life

Losing weight with Pilates. Kick up the resistance and the pace. Article on pilates and weight loss


Pilates Poster - Advanced Routine (more intermediate/advanced, but a good spot reference for intermediate clients) http://AFitBeachBody.com

AC Discs are a dynamic assessment and treatment tool designed to restore normal spinal mechanics and functional movement patterns.

Hip muscles

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"New York" Box

CoTear™ Non-Slip Tape Looking for a better grip on your equipment? This easy to remove, medical-grade adhesive tape won't leave a sticky residue on your handles or bars. Available in four vibrant colors. Each roll is 2" wide, 5 yards long. Comes in Red, Black, Green, Purple, and Yellow.

Textured Franklin Ball Used in Franklin method classes, these balls are specifically designed for self massage, balance and gait exercises. The unique, uneven, honeycomb-textured surface provides more intense stimulation than smoother balls making this the standard ball for Franklin exercises. Sold as a pair, approximately 4" (10cm) in diameter. Ships semi-inflated. Inflates with a needle pump (sold separately).