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never trust grown men who kiss each other's hands

Albert Pike, The Rothschilds and the World - Tim Rifat July 25th 2012

'Clark Rockefeller' found guilty in Calif. murder trial - The Boston Globe

LOS ANGELES — A Los Angeles Superior Court jury put an abrupt halt to Christian Gerhartsreiter’s long tale of lies and deceit on Wednesday, convicting him of the murder of a California man in 1985, a crime that might never have been solved were it not for his missteps while living as Clark Rockefeller in Boston. Gerhartsreiter, 52, was found guilty of first-degree murder in the killing of John Sohus in San Marino, Calif., and he will face at least 27 years in prison, far from the circles of…

n 1860, general Giuseppe Garibaldi landed in Sicily with his famous 1,000 volunteers determined to march on Rome and liberate the city from the 1600 year Papal usurpation. His march of liberation started in the SOUTH and that is how the dis-unification of Italy was planned by the Rockefeller-Pentagon-Mafia axis of evil!! Michele Sindona (1920–1986). Sicilian Michele "The Shark" Sindona was known as "St. Peter's Banker. " Sindona, acting as agent for Nelson Rockefeller, caused the…

Rothschilds & Rockefellers: Trillionaires Of The World

“Money is Power”, or shall we say, “The Monopoly to Create Credit Money and charge interest is Absolute Power”. (Alex James) Amsel (Amschel) Bauer Mayer Rothschild, 1838: “Let me issue and control …