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    I actually skipped this episode the first time watching season 2 and i went back and watched it later on. When she said that i just made this terrible sad noise.

    Rose and Ten

    I'm old enough to know that a longer one isn't always a better one. In the end, you just get tired. Tired of the struggle. Tired of losing everyone that matters to you. Tired of watching everything you love turn to dust. # doctorwho #ten


    The Doctor and Rose


    Nine, Ten, & Eleven

    Me too, Ten, me too...

    Ten and Rose, the beginning

    Ten x Rose

    Ten was louder than he was mean. Eleven is meaner than he is loud. And Nine was both mean and loud, but in an endearing kind of way....

    Ten and Rose

    Ten and Rose

    oh Ten :)

    ♥ Ten and rose

    Ten and Rose, ♥

    “One, Two, Three, Four, I declare a time war Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Daleks scream “EXTERMINATE”. Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, The Doctor died and Silence Fell. Twelve, Eleven, Ten, Nine, there he goes back in time. Eight, Seven, Six, Five, saving everybody’s lives. Four, Three, Two, One, grab her hand and whisper “Run.”

    Rose and Ten

    Ten & Rose

    Oh Ten

    Ten and Rose. Oh my feels.