I actually skipped this episode the first time watching season 2 and i went back and watched it later on. When she said that i just made this terrible sad noise.

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"I'll look after you" "Promise?"

She's looking at the TARDIS, he's lovingly looking at her. Too beautiful.

And her immediate reaction was to finally, FINALLY kiss him. Because the love of her life finally told her he loves her.

This! Hand in hand! It's the most beautiful little gest i know! ❤️ From the first time with Nine and Rose - first episode I saw with The Doctor - to Ten and Rose... This lovely gest! ... It made me a Whovian ❤️ The Doctor... Hand in hand with his companion ❤️

A picture that will NEVER be taken again! The 10th Doctor and his companions.. L to R: Sarah Jane, Micky Smith, Jackie Tyler, Rose Tyler, The 10th Doctor, Martha Jones, Donna Nobel and Captain Jack Harkness

Makes me laugh every single time. His face, her face, his face... Oh gosh.

I love 11 but never as much as 10.. Missing him and Rose-- I may have to go back and re-watch them

"Four Seasons of: Rose Tyler" by fabfandomsfash on Polyvore

This.... No this.... This is not okay.... I'll be back in a few weeks because you brought back bad memories and I'm crying

Doctor Who - Ten and Rose. Yes, I reblogged AND pinned this, it's so amazing!

Doctor Who Art Deco Style by Jeff Carlisle

He is trying so hard to convince her that he is still her Doctor. ugh, my heart...

I love the Doctor and Rose; if I ever fell in love, I would want it to be like that.

We were fantastic. (Ten & Rose, Doctor Who)

People argue that Rose was shallow, that she shouldn't have accepted Tentoo as quickly as she did, and that she should have put up a fight. What they don't know is, Rose knew him, the heart of him. She knew at that point he had made up his mind and the way he kept turning away to leave only proved that there was nothing she could do or say to make him stay. And that, breaks my heart..

Me too but then you were torn apart and I almost drowned in my tears which only becomes worse because I watched the episode on the worst night of my life because my dad was in the hospital and everything went to Hell.

No, technically, but the whole bloody fandom wanted to hear it anyway. :p

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