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The Life of a Fangirl

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almost every day: me: *miserable* mom: are you okay? me: YOU KNOW THIS JUST HAPPENED IN MY FANDOM AND IT'S NOT FAIR I JUST A;KLGFJA;SDFKJ NOOOOOOOOA;SDLKFJAS;DKFJAS;KDFJ *CRIES* mom: oh okay whatever me: *sobs and returns to fandom*

TMR: Smutty & Clean Imagines - Your Best Friend

The Maze Runner: Smutty and Clean Imagines/Preferences:Your Best Friend || The Maze Runner - I'm only writing about: Ne...

Well, mine are Camelot, middle earth, Harry Potter, the tardis, Neverland, narnia, mushroom kingdom

And my local library knew me so well I didn't even need my library card... and they would remind me when my favorite authors had new books coming out, and make sure they ordered them!!

saffy on

So true for me

Too many times this year…

so true!

Fandom Life by Risa Rodil||||||||| ////lol this goes for all the fandoms I'm in

31 Important Things You Learn When You Move Across The World

absolutely true