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    Cut-and-Come-Again Lettuce - varieties of lettuce you can cut, and that will grow back (like grass)

    How to Cut Lettuce So It Keeps Growing. I vary which way I cut mine. I do some of all of the ways mentioned.

    How to Grow Brussels Sprouts...they grow like a weed!!

    How to Grow Lettuces

    Grass Alternative: If your lawn area is not a high-use part of your yard, there are several varieties of clover that make an excellent alternative to a grass lawn. Clover requires no chemical fertilizers to grow, infrequent mowing and is inexpensive to plant. Your clover lawn will stay green even during the driest parts of summer, and the deep root system helps it grow with little to no water. Although it is not as durable as grass, you can sit and walk on your clover lawn without problems.

    This is how I'm growing my Carrots this year. Learned it by accident last year. The post has a great tutorial. Wish I had it before my trial and error method :O)

    The Skinny Gourmet: Ten Mistakes New Herb Gardeners Make (and How to Avoid Them!)

    Faire un abris pour les #coccinelles.

    Each time you crack an egg open, instead of tossing the shell into the trash, drop it into an open container that you keep in the fridge. When the container is full, crush the shells into small bits and sprinkle them around the base of your plants. The sharp eggshells will deter slugs, snails, and other bugs from nibbling on your garden and add a touch of calcium to the soil.

    "Standing Garden lets you garden in complete comfort — no bending or stooping. The rot-resistant cedar bed on powder-coated aluminum legs holds a 4-gallon self-watering tray, to keep soil perfectly moist without daily watering. 10-1/2" depth for well-developed roots." 39-1/2" L x 16-1/2" W x 32" H overall.

    10 Fastest Growing Veggies for Your Garden.

    How to Grow Lettuce-I need all the help I can get since my fall crop didn't do anything.

    Grow Your Own Food: Growing Sprouts

    Re-growing ORganic Lettuce: Stick the crown end in water after you've cut off all the lettuce.

    Gardening Tips for Growing Lettuce: varieties to try, sowing, seeds, sun, soil, feeding & watering. Lettuces are perfect for small shallow containers. Learn how easy it is to plant one: | The Micro Gardener

    Food-That-Magically-Regrows-Itself. Did not work for celery for me. Looked like it would but then it just shot up the middle. Most of the others work or should work though

    Why a tomato cracks and what to do about it and a lot of other information about caring for tomato plants

    Vegetables You Can Grow in The Shade

    The secrets of growing rhubarb

    Grow potatoes in a bag.

    What a great idea to grow lettuce.