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    Love spreading joy

    Win My Heart

    Best feeling in the world when my hubby calls me this! Also tell my adorable little girl this every single day!

    Yes yes yes

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! waking up to the sound of rain, too

    When you glance over at someone and he/she is already looking at you

    The Best Buzz I'm Ever Gonna Find... Lyrics

    One of my absolute favorite things in all the world by someone it's wanted from. It's an affectionate, playful, wonderful, happy, loving thing to do.

    Lazy days!!

    Little Things #33

    the little things

    Love this - The brief moment of silence when you drive under a bridge on a rainy day !! - just little things


    Sooooo me!!! I'm a happy, happy girl!!

    Precious...right until the moment they attempt to bite it off. ;)

    Another pinner said: I used to work with a guy who, after he walked by our desks, we would all just sniff a long sniff, he smelled SOO good. And the view wasn't bad either :)

    little things