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Remember the library "check out" card? If you've even been IN a library lately - it's all scanned. But - really - doesn't everyone do this via Kindle now?

Kaleidoscope. We just bought one like this at a thrift store. Brought back memories.

80s Strawberry Shortcake thermos. I had this exact one in kindergarten, and the lunchbox to go with it.

I still have the feet to one of these stuck to the shelf in my old room. Our cat ate the fuzzball though, haha.

Ouch Bubblegum. The kind that lasted for two minutes. Was juicy and soft to chew but didn't last long. It was still delicious!

Bubble Beeper 1990s bubble gum via The Candy Wrapper Museum

Bubble bath in decorative plastic bottles. I had a pink kitty cat that I loved long after it was empty.

Kissing Potion. So yummy, I didn't care that my hair constantly stuck to my lips.

Drink one can and all your teeth fall out.

Mom went through a LOT of this, untangling my hair sunday nights after a bath, while watching Ed Sullivan!