Abenteuerurlaub im jüngsten Staat Afrikas

Der Südsudan, jahrzehntelang vom Bürgerkrieg beherrscht, ist einer der letzten "weißen Flecken" auf der Erde. Dabei hat Afrikas jüngster Staat durchaus touristisches Potenzial.
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Tuareg girl.

Portrait of a woman with musiro in Mozambique - “Some women in Mozambique usually wear a tinted white face mask made from musiro. It’s a product made from bark and roots which is ground and mixed with water that protects and softens the skins.” Photo by KaoBanga Via Flickr / kaobanga

Africa | Portrait of a Toposa Girl. South Sudan | © Michel Laplace Toulouse / www.GeorgeSteinme...

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Government Celebrations in Kangding, Kardze, Tibet 2010 | A Khampa Tibetan girl in a traditional ceremonial costume from Palyul county. She wears the traditional women's headdress in Palyul with many strands of turqoise, and a gold necklace across her forehead, nine necklaces of coral and contemporary dzi, and coral and dzi beads set gold rings on six fingers. The costume and ornaments are probably the belongings of her family, and contain much of the family's wealth and savings.

Labrang Monastery Xiahe Gansu Province China

3D portraits made out of screws by Andrew Myers

by Rurik Dmitrienko

When I was little she was my hero....she still is

When I was little she was my hero....she still is

^ lick that shit *love the story behind the film.

Isadora Duncan

Hattie McDaniel. First African American Actress to win an Oscar.



Tanishq Bridal Prelude #bridal #exotic #wedding #ethnic #jewelry #fashion

Khavda Village, Kutch, Gujarat, India by coolephotography

Janiguda, Orissa, India - March 2010


The Face of Age Portraits By Mark Story