Our Cozy Nest: No Sew Quiet Books
Quiet book made with plastic sheet protectors. Great idea! I have made 2 already before I saw this pen. Its perfect for all ages just use more advanced worksheet for older kids :)
LOVE this quiet book pattern!!! I'll need to make one for Boo in a couple years!!! Lots of cute and creative ideas for little boys AND girls!
The Craft Patch: The Easiest Quiet Book (Especially for Mormons)
Ahhh...for the quiet books I would love to make someday......before the kids graduate! Quiet Book Patterns & Ideas
5 Free quiet book printables- print anywhere and put in dollar store picture books.
How cute is this page.  Signs have velcro
Quiet Books. Counting Petals. Just one page out of the book. The petals velcro on and can be placed in the flower pot pocket. You can find a supply list, instructions, and templates HERE!!! Such a cute idea for those time when you need something "quiet" for your child to do. :-)
Quiet Book Templates and tutorial ~ from Serving Pink Lemonade
Cat build a quiet book activity page