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not fun when it turns out to be a cute old couple and they spend 20 minutes looking at their car with really worried faces...

Rats prank...this would be so much fun...does anyone really trust me with this pin?


10 fun facts…

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ET Got Some Sweet Hair.. Okay I'm going to hell.. I feel horrible but omg, it's totally ET.


It’s really something to think about…

I seriously laughed so hard... And when I noticed how fancily he is is drinking coffee... I laughed some more...

How to freak out everyone around you..actually going to do this

will ferrell - If you dont have anything nice to say come sit next to me and we'll make fun of people together




NEMO! this one is short, sweet, and will give you a good giggle. No worries about anything inappropriate! (that's hard to find anymore!)

if little kids really said this, I am ashamed of how much quicker they are to spot these opportunities than i am :P

theCHIVEfrom theCHIVE

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Worry about yourself! Hilarious video of a little girl telling it like it is! Quite the independent little girl!