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Best Batteries for Emergency Preparedness, Buy These...

Likker Shipper!

Jeff & Lynn


Smaller the better. Travel light.

I see

Shine fans .

Jeff and Moonshiners fans


Moonshiner Lance

Moonshiner Josh

Dale from the My Highway Band the Percussionist. I never get any good pics usually because he is hidden in the back . NOT THIS TIME!

Ms Wendy says Hello Jeff!

Ms. Wendy Says Lance is a Teddy Bear

Mark just enjoying an nice evening!

Mr Lance !

Her Shinness! Make it or break it! Better be nice to the Lady! She is one sweet lady who is just a Shinnin!

My Wife and Tim at the Popcorn Sutton 3rd Annual!

Tim's Shirts!

Season 2 Moonshiners

Jeff,Mark,Josh,and Bill


Mark at last episode of Season 2

Jim Tom , Jeff and Mark. Jeff'n Marks Carolina Moonshine on FB