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<3 More Reasons to Eat Fruit: Strawberries can potentially fight against cancer and aging. Bananas are great for athletes because they give you energy. Cherries help calm your nervous system. Grapes relax your blood vessels. Pineapples help fight arthritis. Blueberries protect your heart. Peaches are rich in potassium, fluoride, and iron. Apples help your body develop resistance against infections. Kiwis increase bone mass. (continued below in comment)

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Top Cancer Fighting Foods

Did you know that more than half of all cancers are preventable? Although a healthy diet and exercise are key, cancer expert Margaret I. Cuomo, MD, researched what else really reduces your risk. Click through for her good-for-you tips, including what kinds of food to avoid and which vitamin you need more of.

Every part of the grape plant has been used to improve health.


The Anti-Cancer Diet: Foods to Fight Cancer

Many of the foods in your refrigerator or pantry may help you maintain a cancer-free life. Learn more about foods to fight cancer.

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Cancer-Fighting Foods From Your Local Market (and Other Tips to Fight Cancer)

Cancer-Fighting Foods From Your Local Market (and Other Tips to Fight Cancer) You don’t have to look far to find the foods that can help fight cancer. Just go to your local market. Find more info here.

<3 TOMATOES: Helps repair damage caused by smoking. Helps prevent several kinds of cancer. good for your skin. Good for your vision. Good for your kidneys. Full of anti-oxidants.