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Once Of Four Menkaure Triad Statue At The Cairo Museum. The Statue Is Carved In Greywacke, A Very Hard Form Of Sandstone.

Menkaure, Hathor, and Cynopolite Nome Old Kingdom, Dynasty V. 2548-2530 BCE Green schist (Greywacke) 3 feet 13/8 inches high (Egyptian Museum, Cairo)

The Triad of Menkaure": Menkaure, Het-Hert (seated), and Nome Goddess, the Valley Temple of the King at Giza, Old Kingdom (4th Dynasty), now in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Photo from Schultz and Seidel's Egypt: World of the Pharoahs, p. 330.

Statue of Amun with features of Tutankhamun, provenance unknown, possibly Thebes, late Dynasty 18-early Dynasty 19 (1332-1292 BCE), greywacke.

God Horus Protecting King Nectanebo II Period: Late Period Dynasty: Dynasty 30 Reign: reign of Nectanebo II Date: 360–343 B.C. Geography: Egypt, Memphite Region, Heliopolis (Ain Shams) Medium: Meta-Greywacke

Trinity of King Menkaure (Mycerinus) with (left) Goddess Hathor, and (right) goddess of the nome of Diospolis Parva, green slate, c. 2,680-2,565 B.C. (Egyptian Museum, Cairo):