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Wow, what beautiful paint horse!

The 21 Best Horse Photos Of All Time

Haflinger horse

"Haflinger Wintersturm - Christiane Slawik" Picture by Christiane Slawik buy now as poster, art print and greeting card.

Black chestnut Morgan

Black chestnut Morgan

Life in the Middle of Nowhere

Missing Link: Beautiful horses in the snow Baby says: "im cold mom" momma comforts and says: "come closer dear together we shall keep eachother warm"

wavy mane

these 20 horses have better hair than you ✋ admit it! these beachy waves and long strands must be a chore, but they sure are lookers 😍

L-BB "Magnificent Horse" : An impressive and wondrous specimen, this horse looks like something out of a fantasy novel. Looking ornate running on the snow, it would make a great addition to the home.

Told you horses are calm!

So cute! I agree too with the person who said this is so cute. So cute. The Incensewoman