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The highlight of grocery shopping in the 60s....b♡

I remember this from our neighborhood grocery store.Brach's Pick-a-Mix display in the grocery store.

This is me.....

1979 to be exact, which is why that smashing pumpkins song is 1 of my fav. "Soma" used 2 put me 2 sleep every night of my 15 yr suicidal life back in the day. But yeah, the childhood rocked though

They still have these at my local Winn Dixie... yes... it’s currently 2018 lol!

They still have these at my local Winn Dixie... yes... it’s currently 2018 lol!

the Gravitron

Remember this ride? The barrel pins you to the wall while the floor drops! I haven't seen this in years. The previous Pinner said that this ride has been virtually eliminated from theme parks. I remember riding this at Six Flags Magic Mtn.

This use to be my fave!

Vintage MOD 80s Rainbow Heart Plastic Stretch Bracelet

Rainbow Heart Plastic Stretch Bracelet Everything was rainbows and hearts…

Awesome childhood

Funny pictures about A summer well spent. Oh, and cool pics about A summer well spent. Also, A summer well spent.

I loved this show probably way too much as a kid.

50 Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up Your Childhood

Super Market Sweep, another great game show that I wanted to be on!

"Psst." Zach hissed, taping Melanie on the shoulder. "No." Melanie whispered back, already knowing what he would ask. "Please. Come on, I didn't study last night, and yiu know that." He muttered, whining a little as he spoke. Melanie sighed. "Fine." She muttered. "Which question?" "Uh, one through six..?" He asked, and then secretly held out his hand under the desk. Suddenly a piece of paper was thrust into his hand. All it said was: No :)

"Remember that time when you guys got caught passing notes while we had a substitute and the notes were gossiping about how bad the substitute was"

Loved this!!!!....b♡

Creepy Crawlers Thing maker - I can still remember the smell of the heated goop.

bright shoestring barretts

Shoe Lace Hair Bows~ I loved these but never wore them. I did however put them in my niece's hair.

The moisture on the inside, uggghhh. I had Casper!

Remember when Halloween costumes were plastic and you couldn't breathe or see in the masks? I had the princess costume.

Loved the library!

library book check out card. Wow, my baby girl will never know the joy of this or the Dewey Decimal System! The SMELL of books and a library.

Little golden books.

Anyone else get excited when they see these bindings?Golden Books - loved these always brings me back to my childhood love, reading!