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This brings back good memories because I may or may not have run Matt over with my bike when we were little... ;)

I told my daughter to striker a pose to get boys to notice her. I can sleep soundly now as a father knowing this is the look she will give potential suitors. #PictureQuotes

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Ha. I am sad to say, that's me. BUT. In my world of celebrities, I got Harry! Soo, yeah I don't think so....I'm the guy in the blue. 😔

Tonight, April I finished the Harry Potter series. I can't believe this journey is over. But I know that the wizarding world I know and love will never leave me. I will always have Hogwarts to come back to. Always.

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Hahhaah middle child. Poor kid. I wonder if I did this, my brother did this, or my sister did this... (yes, we have 5 kids. It's not that many so why do people think that? Some people have 5 is a small number.)

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