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Nerd girl

Nerd girl, Whoever posted this originally over-looked the obvious: sleeping and eating are easy to give up until you finish a book. BUT those of us whose whole lives are dedicated to the written word already know the one

Nerd Girl Problems

Nerd Girl Problem 279 - Everyone Thinks You're Weird For Having An In-Depth Zombie Survival Plan.

Nerd Girl Problems #250 this happened to me in 5th grade and I kept reading for like 15 minutes before the people around me noticed and told me.  :)

My coworkers/friends/family can attest to this. This is a very real nerd girl problem!<< I do this ALL the TIME!

Why I use my ereader for hardcover books (since I am impatient) and go buy soft cover books from the book store. Lol

I'm waiting for "Nerd Girl Problem You want your series to be all paperback and your mom gets you a hardback for Christmas.

Even though I'm not there yet when every one was waiting for house of hades to come out I was waiting with them---Winter needs to come out from the Lunar Chronicals like now

Nerd Girl Problem - ugh just lost! City of Heavenly Fire, Allegiant, among others.

Can never make it  on Saturday.

Nerd Girl Problem: the library has short weekend hours. (Also, "The library has short weekend hours and is closed by the time I wake up on a Saturday.

I never COMPLETELY put a book down.. Nerd girl problems

Nerd Girl Problems- basically me whenever I read a book what can I say I get addicted ;

Nerd Girl Problem

*dear time bell goes* Me: *doesnt hear* Rest of class: *packs up and hurries away* Me: *gasps* I can't believe they killed off Dobby!

Yeah, 'cause I can write a 40 page story no problem, and these people want them in under 5. You can barely have an exposition in 5 pages, let alone a developed story!!!!!

Nerd Girl Problem People think that your favorite character is Padme or Leia because they are girls. There's a hint there as to who is my favorite character).

not books? what?

Nerd Girl Problem: Not knowing what your not-nerd friends want for their birthdays, because you're happy just with books.

jane austen <3

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