reattached hand... i wanna try this

pantyhose on hands to simulate webbing... creepy cool. #halloweencostume

Make fake scars with supplies from a drugstore! Elmers glue stick, eyelash glue, and either blush, lighter foundation, or darker foundation (depending on the look you want.)

Faun, or other animal of choice - Liking the delicate colouration, but it needs horns,ears or both.


Possessed Halloween makeup #Halloween #sfx #makeup

GREAT Halloween make up ideas!!

"Exit wound" prosthetic made from gelatin #sfx #halloween #makeup

Extreme Gothic MakeUp

Wanna play a game??

promisetamang's photo on Instagram so cute i want to die reindeer makeup costume makeup

Cool sfx makeup.


Halloween Masquerade Masks FX Makeup from Sandra Holmbom

SFX makeup - stitches

Gross, but fun special effects.

Me and my friend, Olympia wanna do this for halloween because our favorite band is Chelsea Grin. And a favorite song is Chelsea Smile by Bring Me The Horizon.

Doll Inspired Make-up

Playing with Bruise Makeup by Freakmo-SFX

Halloween DIY - Making your own fake blood. Super easy; only 3 ingredients! Imagine, See, Do

Owl, hoo