reattached hand... i wanna try this

DIY Halloween gory costume makeup.

day of the dead headpiece tutorial | Red Rose Dia De Los Muertos Headband, Day of the Dead,Rose Flower ...

I love this idea for my teen this year, but since I suggested it, she turned her nose up at it, lol

Reattached hand special effects makeup for halloween Check out the rest of my work:

Hand Injury. @Lacie Norman Polinski

Halloween spfx makeup by me. Sfx special effects makeup artist sfx makeup

dont ask me why i pinned this..i just..thought it was something I might wanna know how to do xD

freakin awesome nails

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Make fake scars with supplies from a drugstore! Elmers glue stick, eyelash glue, and either blush, lighter foundation, or darker foundation (depending on the look you want.)

i am so glueing bugs onto nylons for work on halloween.

pantyhose on hands to simulate webbing... creepy cool. #halloweencostume


Omg! I'm totally going to try this! Artistic makeup #sfx

GREAT Halloween make up ideas!!

Cool sfx makeup.

Playing with Bruise Makeup by Freakmo-SFX

homemade liquid latex for sfx halloween makeup -- YAAASSSS

Cut crease horror makeup #sfx #blood #horror #halloween #makeup

SFX makeup - stitches