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Elder Woman=great face lines http://www.balifornian.com/gallery


Woman of Guatemala

Bedouin women, Israel

India, Portrait of a Himalayan Woman

Senagalese Woman

Elder Tibetan woman praying wearing face mask to protect against the dust, and symbolic red blindfold, during Lam dre, Tharlam Monastery.

Lines of Ages

Gadba woman, Orissa, India

An Igorot elder up in the mountains of Northern Philippines

Guatemala | Ixil woman | © Adam Buchanan

Woman from Papua New Guinea

Nagaland, India (people, portrait, beautiful, photo, picture, amazing, photography, woman)

People of old Lhasa - Amazing necklaces and what a gorgeous woman!

Akha Woman. Chiang Rai, Thailand.

120 year old woman

Old Himba woman face - Angola by Eric Lafforgue, via Flickr

Gabbra woman - Kenya by Eric Lafforgue on Flickr.

Bodi Tribe Woman, Omo Valley, Ethiopia

Old woman, Bushmen, Botswana by Dietmar Temps, via Flickr

India, Ladakhh. Brokpa woman from Dha-Hanu valley. Brokpa people are thought to be descendants of Alexander The Great. | © Ania Blazejewska