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Determined to breath life to the fullest! An Eternal Inner urge!

"Your heart and my heart are very, very old friends" -Hafiz

Young lovers wisely say, "Let's try it from this angle, maybe something marvelous will happen, maybe three suns and two moons will roll out from a hiding place in the body our passion has yet to ignite." Old lovers say, "We can do it one more time, how about from this longitude and latitude - swinging from a rope tied to the ceiling, maybe a part of God is still hiding in a corner of your heart our devotion has yet to reveal. "Bottom line: Do not stop playing these beautiful love games. - HAFIZ

I have yet to find something that makes me feel like im not just daydreaming all the time and that im actually living

Persian Language & Literature: Hafez Shirazi

It is not what you do, but *how* you do it. Dedicate everything you for others. This is how we can serve God. Life your life as a prayer.

No one says it better. So beautiful.

Hafez. 14th century Persian poet.

We are like lutes, once held by the Beloved. Being away from his divine body fully explains all yearning. ~ Hafiz