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Greenpeace Tackles Global Warming with ‘Santa Relocation Project’


Greenpeace Snow Globe





Greenpeace's shocking anti-Coke, pro-recycling ad. #Greenpeace #Recycling #Advertisement

CW Ad Integrates Print, Video and Social

A 3-door Land Rover Discovery?! I have NEVER seen one. The 5-door was my favorite, but THIS is certainly at the top of my list. Love this particular design.

Cashing in on the #RoyalBaby: Which brands did it best? #Advertising #Oreo #Hostess #SocialMedia

#KitKat Offers ‘Free No WiFi Zone’ So You Can ‘Have a Break’ #Advertising #Chocolate #Smart

An ad campaign from UN Woman uses search terms from Google to show how gender inequality is a problem worldwide.

Wow, I really love these Lego print ads. They're more than toys, they're imagination and dreams. Really simple concept and clean design, but gets the point across in a way that really resonates.

What if a can of Coke could smile back? | As part of its “Open Happiness” campaign, #CocaCola made a slight but noticeable alteration to its drinkware. Just look at that gorgeous smile! #Advertising

Smart promotional idea: #MadeInAmericaFestival announces lineup via #Spotify.