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a japanese army air force pilot with his Mitsubishi Ki-21 bomber aircraft (1942)

Mitsubishi Ki-15. In a subsequent upgrade, the army also experimented with an even more powerful engine with 1,050 hp Mitsubishi 102 radial in the Ki-15-III which did not enter production. When production ended, approximately 500 examples of all versions of the Ki-15 had been built, the majority in front-line service when the Pacific War began. By 1943, the Ki-15 had been relegated to second-line roles, but numbers were expended in kamikaze attacks in the closing stages of World War II.

Mitsubishi Ki-46 Dinah - Japan

Mitsubishi, Ki-67, Hiryu "Flying Dragon". In the last stages of World War II, special attack versions of the Ki-67 (the I KAI and Sakura-dan models) were used in kamikaze missions. (References include information from Lt. Sgt. Seiji Moriyama, a crew member in Fugaku Special Attack Unit, who witnessed Ki-67's being converted into To-Gō suicide planes with two 800 kg/1,760 lb bombs during Okinawa operations.)

Not too many jets fighters that I think are cool looking.. but the Mig 21 is one of them..

Croatian Air Force MiG-21. Photo by Katsuhiko Tokunaga from the book "Srebrna krila" (Silver Wings)

Mitsubishi A6M2 Fantastic...!! Hermoso...!!!

The MiG 21, also known as "Fishbed" by NATO. The most mass-produced fighter jet in history with over 10,000 believed to have been built.