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Idk why this made me laugh

*Bursts into flames* *Skips out classroom door* *Rolls down a hill into river*<< accurate representation of me at school.

Yeah really...

The look of utter horror when her hand was caught in the door The friend looks so terrified and is then just conaed on how there is no screaming XD

Humans: the most terrifying species in the universe!

Humans are scary. Honestly, this is somehow the most optimistic, self-esteem boosting thing I've ever read. Go humans!<< I'm going to use some of these in my sci-fi book that takes place in outer space.

Haha, except then she would kill me.

Well, not so much when I hear my mom talking about me on the phone; more so when people are talking about me in my presence <- - - well, yeah.

"The bitterness is strong in this one".  I am going to find a way to use this.

Truth about men

So me

And that's how I accidentally joined a Mexican gang. For some reason this is hilarious. I'm laughing so hard!