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Ethereal Scenes: Photos by Oleg Oprisco

Photographer Oleg Oprisco. Oprisco uses old-school film photography to take stunning surreal photos of women in fairy-tale or dream-like settings.

wetheurban: “ SPOTLIGHT: Oleg Oprisco’s Fine Art Photography If you haven’t yet heard of Ukranian photographer. Oleg Oprisco, then you’re in for a real treat! His surrealist images are truly.

Rus Fotoğrafçı Platon Yurich'ten 30+ İlham Verici Fotoğraf Sanatlı Bi Blog 28

Rus Fotoğrafçı Platon Yurich’ten 30+ İlham Verici Fotoğraf

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the occult, the dark and mysticism are the main themes in daniel velazquez’s (american ghoul) work, exploring death, the darkness that lives in the shadows and dark symbolism.

Creative Photography by Oleg Oprisco

Oleg Oprisco photographs are like puzzle pieces from some far off fairytale world where hope, love and loss share a common volume.

Fashion and Conceptual Photography by Tim Walker

Malgosia Bela, Evelina Mambetova, and Sophie Srej in “Tim Burton’s Tricks & Treats” for Harper’s Bazaar October 2009 photographed by Tim Walker ”