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Always makes me smile 😊 😂😂 #yorkshire #godscountry #scenesofyorkshire #betterthanlancashire #thewhiterose #advertising #loveforyorkshire #yorkshirescenery #york @welcometoyorkshire

A Beautiful full Rainbow over Whitby recently. the Pot of gold seems to be in the lighthouse. #whitby #rainbow #yorkshire #oneyorkshire #scenesofyorkshire #welcometoyorkshire

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A view of Whitby from what me and my family call the Dracula Tunnel. Not sure why we we call it that though, I might have heard a story about it once, but can't remember what that story was ('What a fabulous anecdote, Catherine!' I hear you cry 😉 In my defence, it's the 23rd December and I've been on the gin since last Thursday 🤤) Merry Christmas, one and all!! 🍾🎄